Scapegoat ~ Being

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A scape-goat is to blame.

A scape-goat is to blame for things not working.

A scape-goat is to blame for things going wrong.

A scape-goat is to blame for not taking responsibility for things that are not theirs.

A scape-goat is to sacrifice for appeasement.


appease : make calm or quiet, esp. by making concessions; satisfy (an appetite), scruples
> scruple: regard to the morality or propriety of an action, a feeling of doubt or hesitation caused by this; historically=>an apothecaries’ weight of 20 grains; archaic=>a very small quantity; latin ‘scrupus’=> roughpebble, anxiety


I am my gender.

I am the colour of my skin.

I am the beli(e)ver of my truth.

I am the lover of my sex.


I am your scapegoat.


“See” me.

Cherish me.


I am a human BEING.


I am the one that verifies YOU, the other.


I am your reflection, dear another.


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– DK Illustrated Oxford Dictionary, 1998)


^ 2007, Νοεμβρίου 3