Reminders : old paradigm, Cyprus, Nobel and so on, #57

C y p r u s
15th July, 1974
Coup d’ etat against
President Makarios III & the Cyprus Republic
by “NATO Greece”
and “Faschist Paramilitarists”
20th July, 1974
“NATO Turkey” invades “UN~interrupted”
14th of August, 1974
“NATO Turkey” invasion “second wave”
33% of population refugees
3,33% of population enclosed in occupation
0,30% of population missing
approximately 40% of land occupied
51.5% of coast occupied
80% of citrus agriculture … destroyed/lost
100% of tobacco agriculture … destroyed/lost
70% of cereal agriculture σιτηρῶν … destroyed/lost
70% of livestock and stockrasing … destroyed/lost
75% of fishery and fishing … destroyed/lost
30% of industry … destroyed/lost
55% of mineral wealth … destroyed/lost
50% of water resources … destroyed/lost
25% of forestry … destroyed/lost
80% endemic fauna … destroyed/lost
80% of commerce … destroyed/lost
75% of tourism … destroyed/lost
1974 onward
systematic settling of “people” from “Anatólia” in “Turkey”,
for the “cultural” misappropriation of the “occupied land”
1974-2016 … ongoing
“NATO Turkey” troops occupation of the “misappropriated”
“Northern Cyprus”
“happening” to YOUR «home» land
Most of «My ancestral» “occupied” in particular, “land”
is “purchased” primarily
by “Swedish”, “British” and “Norwegian”
“holiday-makers” or “retirees”
“Nobel” is the “inventor of dynamite”
ALL military “conflict” in «OUR Good eARTh»
“pays” for this “patent”
The “Swedish” and “Norwegian” peoples
are “fed” by “this” “income”
And the “Nobel prizes”
are the “Public Relations/Marketing”
“cover-up” of this “death/money industry”
It is «time» to «awake» to
as a … «H u m a n i t y»
   <3  : *)  ❤  
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