Caene Triatheque : the ” I ” and the “AM”, #180

: *)

Claudia μου,

it is called so many things, indeed
but mainly, it is only the result of living
in the “εγω”, the ” I ”
and forgetting the “ΕΙΜΑΙ”, the “AM”.

You see, the ” I ” … “does” …
e.g. I kill, I laugh, I hear, I cook, I learn

the “Am” … ” IS ” …

e.g. I Am responsible, I Am trustworthy, I Am lovable

WE are not Human “Doers”

WE are Human BEings

Once awareness awakens to this,
there is no ” I “, there is not even the “Am”

… there is only … “WE” … ONE … in UNIT~Y

– The “A brain” becomes “E mind”,
which is Cardinal/Psychic rooted,
and the “M”, turns 180 degrees
(1+8+0 = 9+0 = 9 and full circle)
to become “W”.

Thusly, the circle is completed
BUT, it is not a two dimensional circle
like one would draw on a piece of paper.

Rather it is an open, three dimensional one
which is the formation of the spiral.

This “design” is the “blue-print” of everything
in the UNIverse … from our finger-prints,
to the Galaxies … !!! …

The helix “design” in OUR DNA …

The path of a plant growing following the Sun …


WE ARE Wonder~Full BEings

WE simply need to RE~call IT

and BE … what WE naturally ARE …



Ramana Maharshi - God dwells in You as You ...