Old Paradigm : concealment & make-up “the male way”, #48


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Nobel is the inventor of dynamite.
Every single ammunition
used in the world
is the financial income
the Nobel industries,
Nobel prizes,
and countries of origin
(i.e. Sweden and Norway, princepally).
I can forgive Alfred Nobel
for having invented dynamite, but
only a fiend in human form could
have invented the Nobel Prize.
~ George Bernard Shaw
The “Prizes” came about when,
yet another male family member died
and the French newspapers wrote
“Death is dead!”,
which he did not appreciate and,
in order to change his
“public relations”,
… voila, “The Nobel Prizes”
were also invented!
“Seeing” where the prizes go each year, gives
a CLEAR indication to where “they”
are moving or have moved,
for Human and Earthly “elimination.
This is done by “opening” or “closing”
particular “mouths”, at a time.
Ofcourse, the “public relations”,
(the propaganda word for “propaganda”
as invented by Edward Bernays,
nephew of Sigmund Freud,
who “used” his uncle “psycho-rapist findings”
as means for the manipulation of the masses)
of the “Nobel” death industries, who
along with the pharmaceutical industries,
are the two threads that
the old paradigm of the world,
based on duality and separation,
(the “who” moves these two threads
is also plain to “see”, and
it is the “banking” families)
have ALMOST completely eradicated
the Truth~FullNess
of this insane perosn.
For some time now,
after “they” managed to get hold
of Earth’s food supply
which SHE plentifully and free
provides for ALL Her children
“they” started working on
how to profit on
the Earth’s water supply, which
AGAIN is plentiful and free
and, for ALL of GAIA’s children,
where, as always phobo~phovism
is used to manipulate the masses
(or as Naomi Klein calls it
“the shock doctrine”)
by pronouncing how
“water supply is scarce”
“water supply is the coming cause of wars”
“all living things depend on the water supply”
and “see”, how it is never about “water” alone
but it IS about the “supply” somehow …
… which “they”, for decades now
have also accumulated as “their property”.
OUR Abundance IS inevitable
❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤
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