Raping Aphrodite’s BirthPlace

. . .

Dearest “i am” of “You”

a film / documentary entitled :
“ATTILAS 1974 – The Rape of Cyprus”

by Michalis Kakoyiannis
[ director of amongst others
“Stella” (1955)
“Electra” (1962)
“Zorba the Greek, Alexis Zorbas” (1964)
“The Trojan Women” (1971)
“Iphigenia” (1977)
“Sweet Country” (1986)
“The Cherry Orchard” (1999) ]

“Attilas” being the “name” of the operation
of the INVASION of Cyprus
by NATO’s Turkey
on the 20th of July, 1974
only AFTER
in Cyprus and
its latest attempt
to murder, the 92% voted in
President ~ Archibishop Makarios III
(also the “Archibishop” of
the autocefalous Church of Cyprus)
by NATO’s Greece
on the 15th of July, 1974
I was to become 4 years old
in a month’s time.
“This” is a “chronicle” of “THE RAPE”
of APHRODITE’s BirthPlace Island.
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AngloPhone and EllenoPhone subtitles
where “needed” apply. ]

Proverb of Cyprus - The ones outside the dance know lots of songs.