“COnVERSEatIONS …” : “escaping ‘mind limitation’ …” ~ AwarEness

. . .

we are «build» to sense
and ENsense
«vibes» …

( … that is what the UniVerse is “made of” )

the “mind” is only a tool
and, an exquisite one at that, which
“translates” everything accumulated
by the rest of our “5 senses”

however, as “a tool”, it is “limited” !

… and more over, unfortunately,
“elligible” to … “manipulation”.

which “explains” the “old paradigm”
( more precisely a paradigm inflicted
on Humanity since the “Roman empire”
and its misappropriation of the EllenoPhone
civilisation )

“the key” is the “realisation”, that
«WE aRe NOT our “minds”»


Capitalism is having the ,,i,, in capital. Contemplate the English language when taking into consideration . . Language is the house of the Truth of BEing-Martin Heidegger


APOphthegms ~ Quotes ( keeps being “UPdated” )