“Setting … free …”

. . .


… have been “going back” to the posts which
were “set” to “private” …

was being “harassed” on these posts, with “comments”
from “the oblivious one”,

“the one” i clang on to, from January 2019,
11 days after “my” last attempt to “leave” this Good eARTh
till July 2021 …

out of her “pain” and “torture”
she would write “comments”
“of gaslighting” mostly, nevertheless

… in anyway,

just a couple of weeks back,
i decided to stifle “my” “freedom” “of speech”

( the VERY “thing” that “allowed” me to
“remain” “alive” “here”, throughout “my life” …
the very “thing” i went through the most “horrid of wars”
inside me, to
“brave on”
with “the persecution”
principally, of “my desire” towards “women”
… the “inner shame” of “outward indoctrinations” … )

i had set all these posts ( about 20 ? ),
to … “private” …

to “free myself” from the “agony” of having
to “delete” these comments that KEPT coming in

and, it has been

NOT on posts that were of
“Ascension”, “Light~Work”, “ENlightEN~meant”,

even on “those” that were about “the treachery” of
“my in papers, family”,

the passing (FINALLY) of “my in papers, father”,
last August, 2021

and ALL the TOTAL on~slaught,
“my in papers, mother” unleashed on me …

“my in papers, mother” …
through ALL and EVERYone, she “knew”,
“i”, “could” be “reaching” for some “assistance” …

throughout “the years of my absence”,
and SINCE i “returned” …

ALL and EVERYone,

ALL and EVERYone,

“poisoned” and “turned into”
“flying monkeys”

( as the “Wicked Witch of the West”, in “beyond Kansas”, “OZ land” … )

… people, that have known me ALL “my life” …

“turning” on me, “scolding” me …

… “it is your FATHER, Alexía, he is sick
and you SHOULD be, by his side!!!” …

“the man”
that simply had his “cum”
“shoot” inside
“the woman”
for 5 seconds

and “that” is it … !!! …

“that”, is “the father” … !!! …

… all “my life”

he NEVER took “care” of ANYone
other than
HIS “money” and “what” this could

… for “his cock”, mainly,
other than his “belly” …

let alone “provide” for
“the younger”, “non~existent” “daughter”,


that was NEVER upto “par”
( the “fat & ugly” narrative )

to “get a MAN” and
“disappear” from “the magnificence of life” …

“these people”
who WERE AROUND ALL “my life”,
ever since i was ever so “little” …

who NEVER “called” HIM,
to “scold” HIM, for “HIS behaviour”


it was “ok”, as he
was “granting” THEM “free JOY rides” …

of “things”, “Alexía”, “his daughter”,
never had “access” to,

it would be FOR something
HE wanted me to “do” for him …

“he” would “end up DOing” ANYway,
“no matter” what “i” would “say” or “wish” …


NOT like their “first~born” daughter …

a Machiavellian through and through
(“goals justify the means”)

“married”, “two kids”, “both males”

all about
BIG houses and fancy cars,
“the right” people

( i detest the Anglophone ~ “the Anglo voice”
for promoting so much “imbalance” !!! … !!!

the “ALL right” imbalance …!

it is never about
“the left people”
or, “human lefts”
or, even, the ridiculousness of

~ as “if”, ALL “creation”, is NOT “a given” from +ΠΑΝ to “us” !!! ~


it IS about
“LEFT alone”,
and the “LEFTovers” …

“what” is “of the SIDE of the HEART”,
“the feminine” of “us”,
“rejected”, “ejected”,
“thrown out” to “the rubbish pile”

… much like “me” … )


their “first born”,

all about “the convenient people”,
to be “associating with”,
for “accomplishing” THE GOALS …

it is NOT “the Heart content” that “matters” …


… no,
NEVER “comments on posts” where
it was about

“my work”
the “spreading of the ΛΟΓΟΣ”

no! …
“comments”, where never “left” in “those” …

only “the posts” where

“my psyche” had been “tearing”
and “screaming” from pain of
“detest” and “horror” and “torture”

only “the ones” in which “my” psyche
was “bearing” herSelf
to “RE~LEASE some
of all this
“pain” of
the “3D linear life journey” of mine
on “this” Good eARTh …

of the alarum of these past 7 … 8 ( ! ) months “now” …

and, the “exclusion” from “the Lovely one”

and, worst of  A L L

the “betrayal” of “the enLightened one”

only “these ones” …!


i set all “these” in … “private” …

to “cease” the bombardment” of
“keeping wounds open” …

let “these” “rest” … and “be”

in “what has passed”

NOT to “deny” them …

NEVER to “deny” them …

only to “acknowledge” them …

put them “at ease” …

let them “be” in their “passing”

“resting” …

“acknowledged” and not “picked~on” …

that is “what” i “wished” for
when i set them in … “private” …

this “late afternoon”, when i finally “awoke”
from a “tiring” and “confusing” to me,
… “inter~mission” …

( it is what i call the “dreams” during “sleep”,
it is ACTuALLY a very “beezy” “time~space”
ALL WAYS ~ “always”
has been, for myself …! )

when i finally “opened my eyes”,

“back” “in this bed”,

for which


“Grateful & Great~Full”

( for “my ΨΥΧΗ”, throughout “my life”
has been “faced” with the “dread” of
“a bed” to “rest” upon,
particularly “a bed” in the cold
“literally and metaphorically” … )

“a bed”, “a single bed”, “alone”

“opened my eyes”

was “embraced”
“the re~collection”
“our” … “union”


“rested” upon me

“ease” …


“these posts”,
wished me to
“release” them from that “bondage” …

… it was “safe” “now”
to “let them be” …

none, would be “harmed”, anymore …


ΕΥχαριστῶ !

for making it all “safe” for me

for the “1st time” of “this” life~time of mine …