the “fairy~tale” of “the night~mare” …

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Frederic Bastiat -When plunder Bcomes a way of life 4aGROUP ofMEN living 2getherIN society they create 4themselves in the course ofTIME a legal system=authorises it + a moral code=glorifies it. law



Basic “education on old paradigm” , 2021 ( keeps being “up~dated” ) 

it is ALL abOUT … “UNLAWFUL CONVERSION”, a concise reading 

the PURPOSEly “lost in translation” REmission of … “empire’s” establishment 

… P R O T E S T … 

«DO NO HARM» goes into “mum is the word” & “it is ALL Greek to me” 

“Censor~Ship”, is “lack of skill to dance” …?… ^_^ 

“old & aNEW paradigm”, no matter “the century” … 

“NORMALISING” agendas  

“Legalese”, MISdirection for “Behavioural Engineering”
& MOVING ON to New Paradigm platforms

reSUMing … “ofCourse” … 

about … “ownership” of the word “holocaust” 

* “COnVERSEatIONS …” : “escaping ‘old paradigm’ …” ~ ENvision 

Dearest “Danny”, & “one set fits all” mentality 

ELLENOPHONE LEXARITHMOS with reference to “planets” ,
misappropriation by the Romans for “empire establishment”

“Whetstones” and “sharpening the cutting capability” … 

InterGenerational RESPONSIBILITY 

PERFECT «by design» 

“the old paradigm”, “The 3 Waves of Volunteers” and
“mind~chicanery” … a concise conversation …

Basic «learning the New Earth ~ CAENE TRIATHÉQUE» , (keeps being “up~dated”)

“Reaching …” 

“since you left my wet embrace …”