#of «Ἡ Γενιά της Χαραμάδας» … #REvisited

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15th of August, 1970

hot, Mediterranean noon,
Aphrodite’s island
ΕΝα «… χρυσοπράσινο φύλλο
ριγμένο στο πέλαγο …»

a young woman of thirty, with a belly
in full pregnancy is “celebrating”
the Summer Ellenid Orthodox Easter
of “Κοιμήσεως της Θεοτόκου Παναγιᾶς”,
on a window-seal, vigurously cleaning it

when, the “life” inside her “awakes”
and “demands” to be born

yet, another inconvenience !

she, has not finished her chore

it is sixteen hours later, 7:55 a.m.,
the 16th of August, 1970

the Full Moon is nearing its eclipse

a ΘΗΛΥ ἀνθρώπινο πλάσμα is smacked

her first “sound” in this “new world”, … her “cry”

her name “Ἀλεξία”

: ” the absence of words ”

also, from the verb “ἀλέξω”,
“to keep away at a distance”

at exactly 49 years later
“Ἀλεξία” is sitting at one of the most envied “places”
of the whole of ΓΗ, in Παλαιά Ἐπίδαυρος, Ἑλλάς,
… “her Self”

a writing pad on the table, her left elbow
bended on the table’s surface, her fingers
curled, with the back of them “supporting”
the left of her head; while her thumb
“attouched” to her fingers rather loosly, the
tip of it touching her left “temple”


a rather large glass, with a tall desert spoon
and a mauve thick straw, almost half~way down,
a “melted” freddo capuccino sweet with
what used to be a ball of chocolate ice~cream,
is resting a few centimetres above
to the right of the writing pad, she
is scribbling

next to it to the left, a glass see~through
ashtray, with some water that is now
dark yellow, spread ashes in it, and
“resting” on the circled side of it,
are three upright buds of cigarettes, “hiding”
one of the “dents” that “hold” cigarettes, four
of them in total, shaped on the round rim, like
the “four points” of a compass

each of the three cigarettes, is “standing”
according to “height”, starting from left,
the “shortest”, to the right, the “tallest”

“behind” the ashtray, a small plastic bottle
of 0,5 litre of water, and a water glass
with just “a seap” left in it, on the “plastic
bottle’s” right

she “now” lives at a time when “water”
is privately owned, bottled and sold
the “national” grids of water supply
have been poisoned with “cleaning detergents”
and, water, is not for “human consumption”

people without “money”, are “without”

while “plastic”, is trushed all over the world,
and is now “decorating” the environments
of all the peoples



from the Ellenid verb “πλάθω”, “to mold”

from an “Art” form,
a “disgustness”


there are ear~phones in her ears’ cavities,
and a thin, about over a half a metre of a cord,
is pluged~in her “mobile”, “smartphone”
she is living at a time when, people,
each one of them, “own” this kind of equipment,
that allows them “contact” and
“communication” with everyone else on Earth,


she had “dreamed” of such “devices”, from
very, very early on in her “lifetime”


her need to “access” people, knowledge
and at the same time, “share” everything,
as well

her fascination with the “marriage”, as
she called it, of “sound” and “moving images”,
“top of the list” (!?!)


she named this device of hers, “CatNip”
she has been listening to
“What A Wonderful World”,
a cover version by Joey Ramone
(of “The Ramones”), a rock~punk
version of the song, she feels “it”
extremely “appropriate” for her
“right now”

her surrounding “sounds” appall her
her sourrounding “man~made” sounds

having ear~phones with something
she “chooses to hear”, have been
her salvation

ever since the brilliant invention of
“walkman”, that only, ofcourse,
came about because
a “rich, man” (a SONY C.E.O. apparently ?)
“needed” it for his “golf game”

we see a man swinging hard on a golf~ball,
the image “follows” the “golf ball” in
mid air …

… transforming into a large “bullet”,

fired from a “NATO issued military” tank,
that pludges itself into
the back of a woman,

between her shoulder blades, her hair, up,
wearing an Ancient Eastern Mediterranean
χιτωνα, her right arm lifted from the elbow,
her index finger gently extended, pointing
upwards, while her head looks down, with
her left hand down, stretched to caress
the heads of “broken~hearted” people
we get around, to a full front view of her

she is the “statue” of “ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΑ”
in Λευκωσία, ΚΥΠΡΟΣ, on
the Venetian Walls, near the

the “Archibishopry” down the road,
is under attack

it is the “NATO Greek” coup d’ etat,
of the 15th of July, 1974

we fly over and round the Archibishopry
with high speed movement, we fly towards
the North

( we know the “direction”
of the “Pentadaktylos” mountainrange
in the distance ),

about 1,5 kilometre
down the main road, pass the large
Basilica church

the “house” where “Ἀλεξία” is


in a month’s time, she will be
four years “old”


we “dive” down to a little girl’s black wavy hair,
down and front her forehead, and stop
ubruptly in front of just her deep dark brown,

almost “almont” shaped eyes, that
have just “opened” with a “realisation”
of the “sound” of the “violence of ΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ”

as the last chord is struck from the song
“What a Wonderful World”, the “eyes”

are with “glasses” of “purple~fuschia” colour
frames, 45 years later

the “eyes” still looking straight “into” … “us”,
look diagonally up

it is “Σπύρος”, serving her another
of “her drink”, taking the “empty” one,


Cyprus - female Arsos head -


originally “written” on the 16th of August, 2019











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