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The “Blue Ray StarSeeds” aRe
a “soul tribe” that “came through”
the “Blue Ray” of «cReatION».

“They have” a strong «connection»
to “Sirius” and
“have” «Christ» [ «ΧΡΙΣΤῼ» ] ConsciousΝess “Βlue~Print”
“embedded” in their “auric field”.

“Many of” these “experience”
very difficult childhoods
be~Cause “they”
“incarnate” into “toxic” and “abusive”
“family” dynamics
in order to “transmute” and
«heal» “that” DNA “lineage”.

“They” aRe «here» to “deliver”
the «Christ» [ «ΧΡΙΣΤῼ» ] ConsciousNess “Blue~Print”
“to others”
through the “merging” of
their «ΕΝ~ΕΡΓΕΙΑ» “fields”
with “those” of

“Many of” them will “find” that
“people” either absolutely “love” them
cannot “stand” «to be» “around them”.

This is be~Cause “they embody”
truth [ «Α~ΛΗΘΕΙΑ» ]
and “many people”
are not “ready” to “face” the
truth [ «Α~ΛΗΘΕΙΑ» ].

“They” aRe “seekers of” the
truth [ «Α~ΛΗΘΕΙΑ» ] “themselves”
“have” «been» “searching” for “answers”
“their” whole “lives”.

The “BlueRay StarSeeds”
are incredibly “talented” and
easily “learn” new “things”.

This “allows them” to
speed “through” «life lessons».

“They” seemingly “make”
“as” many mistakes “as” they “can”.

By “doing” this
“they” rapidly “learn lessons”
and “bring themselves” to the «conclusion»
“there” is «way» more to “this human experience”
than “meets” «the eye».

“This” results in «awakening»
and “they” «then»
“can” «begin» “their” «Divine Work»
«here» on «eARTh».

The «Βlue~Rays» have “bright” blue auras
and “most have” had
“past” «life~times»
in “Egypt” and “Atlantis”.

“They all” have “archangel Michael” as
a “spirit guide”
and “deeply connect” with
“ancient” «esoteric» “knowledge”.

“They” aRe highly “intuitive”,
“telepathic” and “psychic”.

“They” aRe “clair~sentient”
and “feel the feelings” of “others”
even “when” they do not “try”.

“This is” be~Cause “they” aRe «here»
to “merge” auric “bodies” with “others”
the «Christ» [ «ΧΡΙΣΤῼ» ] ConsciousNess “Blue~Print”.
~ Shari Mattson





~ * * * ~ 
“Star Trek : The Next Generation” 
S01E06 “Where NoOne has gone BEforΕ” 
(26th of October, 1987)