~ of “… ‘the musiNgs’ «scene» …”

. . .





came through, yet another of
“what seemed for ages”
very short “lived”, rest …

was “he awake” ?

he “drifted” …

eventUally, #iN “the out~side”
… early on “his Saturday” morning …
“the Sun” not yet “all «the way» UP
and “people”, warily “openning
winDOws”, within “the (un)familiar”
streets “they” got «to be» living …

WEre they, though ?

… “Living” ? …

these “vertical” concrete “cartons”
… “coffers” … “caskets” …
“boxes” for “boxers” ?

is “there” … “ANY «one»”
“considering” that OUR «life»
is NOT about a “sqUare rINg” ? …

of … OUR «Good eARTh»
BEing a Beauty~Full «sphere»
to «share»

«when» have WE “began to
forget” … ?

he knew he was supposed to
get “3” more packets of “ten
cigarillos” … the “yellow” ones,
cheapest ones, yet actUally,
the very best ones !

… “true tobacco”, with
ΝΟ “addiction” involved to them,
NO “chain~smoking”, AND
NO “burning~off” to “oblivion”
as soon as “placed” on the rim
of an ash~tray, either !

NO … “these ones”, of
“all tobacco”, “little cigars”, would
“cease” the “self~distruct”
fundamental “function”,
(among the “other additions”),
by the
(yet “an other”)
“industry” …

he “thought”, the “money left” …

(as “opposed” to “money right” ?!?
ALL~ways bugged him this “language”
of TOTAL “monolithic conditionιng”
of “what is ‘right'”, «then» that’s
“what is ‘left'” !?! …)

… “perhaps” the “monthly
deposit” would be “made”, and
the “ATM” would “grand” him
some ? …

he had “foolishly” added “220”
in the “credit card”, for “his birthday”
(with NO “& and” with
these “COUNTer inDUSTries”)
he was “all~ready” “banned”
from “accessing funds”

(the “usual” pilava …
his “treatmeant” from “his
‘in papers’ family”,
as he was calling “it”,
was exactly “the same”)

… any ~ way …

all “of the above”, AFTER
his “visit” (ofCourse!) to
the “prayer Olive trees”

“perhaps”, «then» ? …

[ from «~ the master~mind’s journey :
#iN to the ΛΑΒΥΡΙΝΘΟΣ» ]

~ «KhamaéΛΕΩΝ»



~ “Beautiful Dreams” ~ (1984)

(from “Strange Frontier” album
by “Roger Taylor”)