~ of “the «time» of «sAnd» … «scene»”

. . .






“this «time»”,
“coming through” “had” «been»
simply “put”, “pain~full”
& STILL, “IS” !…

and, “SO”, “has” «been»
«interMission», «it~self» !!!

with “infidelity” (!!!)
“be~trayal”, “deceit” !!! …

“his left” «ear», «temple»,
«jaw», “ACHING” and “HISSING” !!!

he, quite literAlly, “had”,
was “feeliNg” … “lapse” of «time» !!!

“his mother’s” birth~day “to~day” …
it was “early hours” still, and «The SUN»
was NOT “yet” bringiNg «for~Ε», the
«HeavenlY Blue», «UP~abOVE» …

he “re~fused” to “call” it
… “to~morrow” …
«The SUN» “MADE «it»” “so” !

“WHAT!” a RIDICULOUS “notion”
of a “constructed currency of time”
the “struck of mid~night” (!!!),
«to BE»
“what” people “endured” …!

«#ON» “his Birth~day”, “shy” of
“4 days”, a “month a~go”,
was “his” utmost “visibility” of
“what” TRULY “constituted”
… «companion~ship» !…

and, “his mother”, did
NOT “contact” «him»,
NOT even for “that” …
… which,
in so “many «ways»”, was
“a relief” for him, as
“receiving” the “SMS”,
“his mother” would “accustom” him,
“she” would “afford” for «him», was
quite “the ordeal” …
«my God!», he “thought” to”him «self»” …

@ “52” «now», he ought
NOT be “UN~grateful” !

«AFTer» «ALL», “HE”
was “the «one»”, who had “asked”,
more than “a year a~go” «now», «to
be» NOT “a mercenary”
to “his mother”

~ which “in Truth” was
NOT “so”, and “in fact”, “he”
was “the provider” of “her” …
by “denying” him~self
«to be»
“UN~kind” and “throw her”
“out” …
just as “his brother”
did, when “he” was only “15”,
as soon as “the former”
reTurned from “Rome”
with “his fiancé”
and “needed the SPACE”, BY
“his own”

~ in the 14th Biggest House
of the ENTIRE land, of
“the «times»” ~

for EVER “since”
he was … could NOT
even “put a number” on “it”,
either …! ~

“a mercenary”
NOT “ANY~more” !

… and,
“LO and BEhold” !!! …

“he” was “heeded” !!!

@ 06:20AM “«his» local” «time»
he sends an “SMS”
” … yes, «it» is ‘inevitABLE’ …
ALL that is ‘re~quired’ is
«to be»
«in ΕΝ~ΠΙΣΤΟ~ΣΥΝ~Η» of

[ from «~ the master~mind’s journey :
#iN to the ΛΑΒΥΡΙΝΘΟΣ» ]

~ «KhamaéΛΕΩΝ»



~ “Ravine” ~ (1995)

( from “The Bridge” album
by “Ace of Base” )




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